When faced with an incredibly difficult problem you might want to force yourself to solve it by trying a bunch of different solutions. I have another possible way to tackle the problem: “just look at it”.

The idea is that sometimes u need to force ur brain to really mull over an idea. I outline my four-step process for doing just that:

1. Jot down all the notes regarding ur problem/challenge & print it out.

2. Just look at the printed notes & let ur brain mull it over.

3. Keep at it. It’s ok if u start dozing. Just wake up & keep looking at the printed notes.

4. When inspiration comes, start taking notes. But keep going until u get the creative solution u need.

It might sound simple, but it’s good advice regardless. Simply staring at a problem isn’t always going to do the trick, but if u’re struggling to come up with a solution it’s something to consider


“Happiness or Success”

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“Are U successful? Are U happy?”

Successful and happy. It seems we agree that these are two different things. A person can be successful and unhappy. Can be happy but not successful. Can be successful and happy, and could also not successful and unhappy.

“Happiness and Success”

Success doesn’t guarantee happiness, says many people. Especially not a success, more doesn’t guarantee happiness, says some of the others. Really important for us to succeed?

Let us briefly reflect on the meaning of success. If someone wants something and he got it, so he called a success. If the person before didn’t want something, then suddenly get it, also called a success? No, he’s not called a success. So successful is the name for the achievement of something desired.

Now let us reflect on what it’s happy. There’s a comfortable, no happy, no joy, no happiness. Someone is lying on the beach. Her body feels comfortable siliran enjoy the breeze and the sound waves that slammed into the sand. Sense of warmth and relaxation flowing through her body, her heart was happy and peaceful. Is she happy? Someone else was doing rafting sports, fighting hard to overcome the current shocks to the right and left. Scrabble on the edge of death surveillance.Energy depleted, the body feels very tired. Heart felt strangely cheerful and happy. Is he happy?

Another story. This is for the umpteenth time that he felt the same thrill. Something inexplicable beautiful. Something so touching hearts. Before him a big smile of a child with a small and crooked legs, legs that no authority supports the tiny body.This child stricken with polio at his age to 3 years. And since then, has only five years he lay in his bed. Today, with the provision of wheelchair used a somewhat rickety, the boy get his chance again to explore the world. “Oh God, thank U for give me a chance to give some hope to others” …  she whispered in her heart. is this person happy?

In contrast to the success, happiness is more difficult to assess. If success is measured by how far a person towards achieving what he wants, then happily appeared in a miraculous way. He subjectively, he felt. Thus he was difficult to measure, except by experiencing it.

Someone who’s happy can be said to succeed, if that feeling of happiness that’s what he wanted, and then he grabbed it. Other people can also be successful, but not happy, because it’s not happy dreams. Maybe he covet wealth, and achieve it. Maybe crave fame, and also grabbed it. That’s why there’s a phrase, successfully achieve happiness. So, success is the attainment status, while happy is one object that can be used as goals.

If happiness is the object, then the question is: “what kind of feeling happy?” There are many proposals on this subject, ranging from physical, characterized by the emergence of certain substances in the brain, until the very philosophical as the emergence of a sense of being loved God. Let’s take the example of one of the definitions, the characteristics proposed by Rick Foster in the book “How We Choose to be Happy?”.

True happiness is a feeling of strong and lasting sense of calm, happy, capable, and full control over U’rself. Happy also means knowing the conditions and desires, to better respond to real needs rather than the demands of others, consciously feel alive today, and be able to enjoy the fruits of life.

Criteria for the selection of Rick Foster proved to be a characteristic emotional and mental. Referring to the criteria was quite clear that we can achieve happiness through success by always set goals that can lead to such happy. Therefore, when the goal is reached, then reached too happy. In addition, because happiness is subjective, then we can even create a feeling of happiness all the way to success.

Can we be happy without success? Sure can, especially if it is intended only for U’rself. A person who’s poor, but able to appreciate the situation, of course he could feel the happiness. The problem arises when we talk about happiness is achieved by contributing to something beyond us, then it probably will not successfully inhibit the achievement of some happiness. Suppose someone who’s happy but the destitute is a father of 3 children. Once when her son was sick and he can’t afford to seek treatment, it may be when it’s very difficult to be happy. Similarly, when no food, not able to school, unable to spend time together, and so on.Because it’s a success is important. The more we succeed, the more likely to be happy by contributing to something beyond ourselves.

Due to success and happiness are two separate things, get happy to take us to succeed? U already know the answer, of course. If happiness is the goal we choose, it is capable of being happy alone is called a success. Many people experience, the decision to be happy eventually led them to achieve higher success and more.

“Intelligence, Success, and Happiness”

Happiness and success can be predicted! Happiness and success is the fruit of behavior. Therefore, if we have the behavior of people who are happy and successful, would one day be a happy and successful as well .. Behavior is the fruit of habits. The habit starts from attitude. Attitudes are influenced by the paradigm.Influenced by the knowledge paradigm. So, first is knowledge. Every day, a plentiful supply of knowledge around us. Ability to capture knowledge, process them, live them, and making it an action to achieve goals, heavily influenced by intelligence.

Dr. Stanley in his work “The Millionaire Next Door”, which contains a study of the millionaires in America showed that successful people have a pretty good intelligence. The billionaire who studied came from various backgrounds such as welding contractors, used goods sellers, farmers, pest exterminator, to coin seller.Clearly, they have one thing in common that’s very independent financially. Most of them live relatively modest compared to the amount of wealth. Their car’s like the average people, they are in residential homes the average person. They also get along with most people. Most of them do not like to appear in public. They mean well in school. Even if the dropouts, it’s because the economic conditions of families, not because they aren’t intelligent. So the millionaires it has intellectual intelligence, IQ, which is good. They also are the ones who tough, tenacious, patient, able to control themselves, community well, having a harmonious family, and various other things that become proof that they have emotional intelligence, EQ, which is good.All of them also agree that the spiritual life, ministry, and charity is a very important thing. Most of their income to donate 10 percent or more of gross income. They believe in God as the source giver, as an invisible companion, or often referred to as the “silent partner“. This shows that they have spiritual intelligence, a very good SQ.

Studies of people who are very successful shows that they also have other characteristics that stand out. First, they have a big dream, clear goals, and holding fast to the dream. Second, they don’t work alone, they are able to harness the power within him and around him. So, they developed two other intelligence as a complement of IQ-EQ-SQ. They developed the so-called intelligence Intelligence aspiration (aspiration Intelligence), and Intelligence Strength (Power Intelligence).Apparently the person successfully developed five intelligence with balanced! Fifth is what we call  SEPIA  Intelligence (Spiritual – Emotional – Power – Intellectual – Aspiration).

In the human side of a deeper, actually we have a divine gift that makes us unique.Foremost a divine gift is “the freedom to choose“. Of this important gift gifts other interrelated. Humans are equipped with the gift of self-awareness, imagination, conscience, and free will. Humans also have the gift of the process, namely love to learn and fun to ask. When combined the various gifts of this man is capable of building a civilization in the form of community social life, business, education, arts, and technology. On the inside, humans are also able to refine his understanding of humanity, the meaning of life, the meaning of a sacrifice, heroism and devotion.

Unfortunately, this gift is often buried by the busyness of everyday life. Sepia intelligence is an attempt to republish all the potential within us to achieve happiness and success.

1. Aspiration Intelligence

First it was the gift of self-awareness. Humans are able to realize his existence in this world. With this self-awareness can detect human needs and desires. Humans need to eat, want to live good, want to enjoy nature, want to create, want to achieve something, to have a meaning in life. Eventually move the gift of self-awareness first intelligence, that is the human ability to dream, create goals, and ideals. Humans are able aspires. Here’s intelligences aspiration (aspiration Intelligence), the intelligence to make the ideals.

Comparison study between the successful people of ordinary people show that intelligence is this aspiration to be one difference that really stands out. Most people don’t dare to think and dream big.

That’s why most people don’t achieve a great achievement, because … it was never dreamed of a great achievement! Studies of people who are happy, too, show that they are aware of have a desire to be happy, and tried to grab it. So they make happy as one purpose in life.

On the way humans achieve my goals and then realize that reaching goals or success are very different from happy.

2. Spiritual Intelligence

Apparently after it was realized by man, happy as a subjective feeling is determined more by a sense of meaning. A sense meaningful to other humans, for nature, and especially for large power of conscious human beings: God. Man’s search for meaning, this is the explanation why in the state of human pain and suffering in part, can still be smiling. Because happiness is created from a sense of meaning, and isn’t synonymous with achieving goals.

Awareness about the causes of happiness is the gift of moving the second intelligence, spiritual intelligence (Spiritual Intelligence). It’s human intelligence in giving meaning. Humans who have a high level of spiritual intelligence can become happier and live than their low level of spiritual intelligence. In a very bad condition and not expected, spiritual intelligence can lead people to find meaning.

Spiritual intelligence is not a religion (religion). Regardless of religion, human beings can give meaning through a variety of beliefs. There is a feeling her life meaningful by saving the seals. There’s a feeling meaningful by making a beautiful painting. In fact there who feel they have meaning in life by taking the dangers of climbing the highest peak bother Everest in the Himalayas.

Because humans can feel a sense of various things, religion (religion) directs human beings to find meaning in a more distant. Meaningful in the presence of God.This is the true meaning of which is directed by religion, because the source of meaning except God is not eternal.

There’s a wrong impression that the successful people are not that religious. This is due to news about the corrupt, liar, greedy tycoon, who has a fortune by not kosher.Because of these bad guys ‘looks’ rich, then the public gets the impression that most rich people are evil and greedy people, the oppressors of the poor. Actually just the same, many poor people are also evil and greedy. Evil and greedy no relationship with rich or poor. The truly successful people, who gain wealth by lawful way, there are many who are very religious. They donate their wealth in charity road.They founded hospitals, orphanages, cancer research, and various charities. And most of them avoid publicity. Various studies show that the real successful people to donate a minimum of 10 percent of gross income to charity, even when once they were poor. They realize that their wealth was entrusted of God, ‘silent partner’ them.

Finally, through human spiritual intelligence is able to create meaning for his goals.Results of intelligence in the form of aspiration ideals given meaning by spiritual intelligence. Through spiritual intelligence as well humans are able to remain happy on the way to the coming to the ideals. The key to happiness is Spiritual Intelligence.

3. Intellectual Intelligence

Driven desire to achieve the ideals of human use third intelligence, ie intelligence relating to the process of realizing, the process of creation. This is the gift of intelligence quotient (Intellectual Intelligence), the intelligence associated with the human ability to learn and create something.

Some people call it a talent. Indeed, every person endowed with different strengths in this intelligence. The powerful mathematics like Einstein’s easier to understand math problems, solve problems, even defining a math problem. On the other hand, a Michael Jordan is the man who has a flair for basketball. He easily dominate a basketball game (learning ability) and can perform in the game with amazing (capacity creation). Michael Jordan has a different intellectual intelligence with Einstein. The successful person is clearly seen as a good learner. They learn and keep learning. Because they believe that God is Infinite Justice, they were convinced that the unique talents given to them will be able to use to achieve success.

If it’s true that the people were given the same potential to succeed, why some people managed to reach his goal while others don’t? Apparently in the process of realizing these ideals need to consider the creation capabilities of other factors besides talent: emotion.

4. Emotional Intelligence

Studies show that the role of emotions in achieving the goal was far greater than the talent. Finally realizing there are other things, emotional intelligence (Emotional Intelligence), the human ability to detect and manage emotions both within themselves and within others.

Study of successful people show the same characteristics: a strong self-control.They recognize themselves and be able to control emotions. They fight the emotion of fear, worry, hurry, pleasure-loving, low self-esteem, to finally win a personally courageous, tenacious, patient, simple, and free spirited. They were also able to recognize emotions in others, so it can present themselves well to others, able to cooperate, and be sensitive to mutual help.

5. Power Intelligence

And finally the fifth human being is aware of the intelligence of the intelligence forces (Power Intelligence). It’s human intelligence in recognizing and managing the forces of good in him and outside him.

Intelligence forces are determining how effective and efficient person in the business achieve its goals. People intuitively know that by using the tools she can work more efficiently. Humans make use of fragments of stone to be used as a knife. With it man can hunt more efficiently and effectively. Humans also know that working together with other human beings can make the job easier. Humans combine the power of talent, strategize, cooperate, create tools, even a dream (make goal) together. All this is a sign that humans endowed with intelligence in managing a variety of strengths.

Some people are more intelligent than most other forces. This phenomenon explains why some people achieve success faster than others. They are intelligent power not simply rely on his strength but also intelligently manage the power outside of himself. Forces of nature, human power, animal power, as well as abstract instruments that humans were created through agreements such as money and legal. The forces here are intelligently managed by successful people to achieve their goals.

“Character and Competence”

Fifth intelligence SEPIA illustrates two important things in man, namely character (Character) and abilities / competencies (Competence).

The characters are the things that relate to human behavior. In the past, the character is considered as the most important measure of human beings. Because it is in the stories of ancient knights emphasis on attitude, honesty, perseverance, patience, and the like. Slightly different in the early 20th century, namely the industrial era, the ability (competence) to be an important measure. Competence, namely matters relating to the creation, becomes important because of industrialization requires abilities higher. Because at that time humans were able to create systems that are much better (engine, the wage system, the system of punishment, etc.) then the character becomes a rather neglected field. At this time humans are believed to measure success can be seen from the level of IQ (Intelligence Quotient), which further illustrates the potential of human competence.

View of human re-balanced at the end of the 20th century with many research findings about the role of a person’s character for success. In the late 20th century re-crowded discourse EQ (Emotional Quotient), AQ (Adversity Quotient) and SQ (Spiritual Quotient). That has not been much discussed is the existence of an intelligence-force management (Power Intelligence) and intelligence aspiration (aspiration Intelligence) which along with sepia model is the core contribution of this writing.

Current character and competence is seen as important. A person when applying for a job for example, will be tested both competence and character. They are believed to be successful on the job usually has the necessary capability (competence) and the character required such as honest, diligent, patient, respectful, and so on. A person who has a very high skill but questionable character can be dangerous. She may be smart, but may not be responsible, corruption, cheating, making the work atmosphere is comfortable, and so on. Conversely, someone who only has character but without competence is also not useful, because it can not create value. Okay he is honest, diligent, respectful, but if you do not have the necessary education and skills will lead to many errors, inefficient, ineffective, and can even harm because of faulty work. Using people with good character but without competence as dangerous as people who are not competent character.

Character and competence are like night and day, like yin and yang. Both need to exist simultaneously, influencing each other, and balanced. Without one of them a man into a limp. Sepia is the concept of intelligence paradigm (worldview) new character development-competence, which is consistent with the concept of Group Theory psychological factors (Factors Group Theory). Paradigm sepia gives significant and fundamental changes in understanding, developing, and utilizing human intelligence. The end result is a change in the education system, recruitment system, evaluation system, and how to act in everyday life.

“If U want a small change, just change U’r behavior. But if U want a great and fundamental change, U have to change your paradigm.”


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Watch U’r Thoughts, they become U’r Words.

and then…

Watch U’r Words, they become U’r Actions.

and then…

Watch U’r Actions, they become U’r Habits.

and then…

Watch U’r Habits, they become U’r Character.

and then…

Watch U’r Character, it becomes U’rDestiny”.

“The best years of U’r life are the ones in which U decide U’r problems are U’r own. U don’t blame them on anyone or anything. U realize that U control U’r own destiny”

U’re what U’r deep driving desire is.

What U’r Desire is, so is U’r Will,

What U’r Will is, so is U’r Deed,

What U’r Deed is, so is U’r Destiny.

“U would be what U’r destiny is”.

People Smuggling

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The current era of globalization opens up opportunities for the opening of free markets interstate traffic. Each country has a great chance to co-exist in domestic demand, both in terms of infrastructure and superstructure. Globalization coupled with technological advances. The development of information technology and transportation is increasing, making the boundaries between countries increasingly apparent. Traffic lanes are increasingly easy to access.The more wide open road traffic between countries in this era of globalization also led to increased mobility of goods and people between one country to another. In fulfilling its needs, indirectly, the state opened wide the door entry and access into the scope of state boundaries. Each individual also easily travel from one country to another with different interests. With this phenomenon, various attempts were made to maintain security and stability of countries, such as setting rules about immigration, although there are still many gaps that can be exploited by certain parties illegally for personal gain.The era of globalization and raises the potential for distortions. Access is easy and simple rules give rise to a practice toyed with transnational crime. This transnational crime has existed since the first true, but according to changing times, various innovations have been made by the offenders so that transnational crime also appear in the package organized by involving many parties, both from within and outside the country.Transnational crime, or known by the term transnational crime pose much harm to a country, even to specific regions within the country. Various deviations that can be done, such as the exploitation of resources (natural resources and human resources) that are too excessive bedampak to existing human world, with the emergence or strengthening of the problems, such as poverty, conflict, and other losses that are material. Natural disasters also become one of the problems that later questioned the cause of emergence associated with the practice of transnational crime that resulted in environmental damage. Thus, transnational crime “had” a problem shared, problem in the countries of the world; a national and international issues.
Migration is not a new phenomenon. For centuries, humans have traveled to migrateseeking better lives elsewhere. In recent decades, the process of globalization has increased the factors that encouraged immigrants to seek his fortune abroad. This then leads to the increased amount of activity migration from developing countries inAsia, Africa, South America and Eastern Europe to Western Europe, Australia and North America. Departing from this phenomenon was then emerging practicedeviations, ie take action to move people into destination countries illegally because of limitations and the inability of immigrants in the immigrant qualifies as an official.
People smuggling is a crime. It was said, because people smuggling is clearlyviolating the official rules of the countries concerned. It has been acknowledged thatpeople smuggling is an act violating human rights and contemporary forms of slavery.The immigrants are treated poorly. Very often inhuman conditions of travel; stacked intransport (usually a boat) are full and crowded, and often a fatal accident. Arriving at their destination, their illegal status causes them were forced into slavery forced the smugglers who worked for years in illegal labor market. The immigrants are not directly have exploited by certain parties for personal gain.
People smuggling became a separate business area that is very profitable. It is estimated that each year can result in a gain of five to ten million dollars. Based onthese estimates, at least one million immigrants have to pay an average of five to tenthousand dollars by force when crossing borders between countries. International Organization for Migration (IOM) noted that people smuggling, which is the “dark side” of globalization, is a big business that has grown and prospered. In addition,people smuggling also poses its own problems for the countries where they sought asylum.
The practice of smuggling people or people smuggling has increased in recent decades and at present, a significant report on the number of illegal immigration continues to increase in many countries. People smuggling can generally occur with the consent of the person or group wishing to be smuggled, and the reason the most common of them is the opportunity to get a job or improve their economic status, hopes to gain a better livelihood for themselves or family, and also to go avoid conflict in the country of origin.According to the report posted on the website the International Police Organization (Interpol), in 2006 nearly 31,000 immigrants, about half came from Senegal, in droves moving towards the Canary Islands, Spain. The illegal immigrants tend to travel by boat on the way in the open sea by a distance so far. Since 2003, there has been significant displacement of Iraqi immigrants and continues to increase until 2006. Most of them have fled to Jordan and Syria, but still found a significant movement towards Europe, America and Australia (http://www.interpol.int/).International Organization for Migration (IOM) estimates that, globally, four million people moved illegally each year. This can happen because the practice is very lucrative human smuggling, the relative risk is lower and in line with increasing employment in the organized crime network of international scope. Meanwhile, the Australian Government stated that during the period from 1999 to 2001 trends in people smuggling activity continues to grow, demonstrated by a significant increase of the number of unauthorized arrivals by boat, but in the case of Australia, the issue of people smuggling has decreased due to the policy proclaimed by Depeartemen Immigration, Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs (DIMIA) with almost complete cessation of the ships that are not legitimate in recent years. Referring to the report DIMIA, in 2004 to 2005, there were 94 new cases of people smuggling, this figure is a decrease of 26.6% compared to know the 2003 and 2004. In addition, 88 cases of people smuggling resolved in the same year, which is also a decrease of 38.5% over the previous year.  But now cases of people smuggling increased again. (See http://www.immi.gov.au/).
Background The occurrence of People smuggling:
People smuggling in fact depart from the drive to become illegal immigrants.Therefore, the causes that gave rise to the occurrence of illegal immigrants may also be the reasons for the actions of human smuggling.

People smuggling can occur due to many factors, especially the driving factors that cause large population of a country make the transition from the country of origin to countries of destination. One of the most important factor is the economic consequences. A country that is not able to provide employment causes unemployment that prefer to move from their home country to find a place in hopes of getting a job. An example is in Mexico that failed to create enough jobs (Richard Mines & Alain de Janvry, 1982: 444). Even if there are jobs, minimum wage is the reason for immigrants to do the migration from the country of origin (Michael P. Todaro & Lydia Marusko, 1987: 101).

Economic problems can also be triggered by the conflict in the country of origin.Prolonged conflict or war causes of poverty so that the number of unemployed becomes so much. Wars or conflicts in the country of origin is related to the political aspect, security, tribalism, and so on. Moreover, the conflict is also a driving force for illegal immigrants to leave their home areas in search of a safe place or detached from the conflict. therefore, they ask for asylum in developed countries that can provide assurance of safety and protection of human rights.

The number of people smuggling practices are also caused by immigrants who swept persuasions smugglers agents (Smuggler). In addition, external factors stemming from the country of destination is also a major reason for illegal immigrants to move from the country of origin, including the country’s economic system, allowing a stable destination for immigrants, in their understanding, get a job with decent wages. In the countries of destination notabennya is a developed country, the businessmen are happy to welcome and utilize the services of illegal workers because their wages are much lower than workers in the country (Jean B. Grossman, 1984: 243)

Basically there are three policies that are used in dealing with people smuggling, theborder controls, deportation and Legalization policies, and work-site inspections,raids, and Sanctions against Employers or illegal Immigrants (Guido Friebel andSergei Guriev, 2006: 1086). The first is border control, with the aim to limit the space for the agents of smugglers and illegal immigrants. The second is the endorsementkebijakan.Yang deportation and the third is the examination and review of job sites,conduct raids, and strict sanctions against the perpetrators of human traffickingagents. Guido Friebel and Sergei Guriev explained that the policy of deportation will not be able to give good results in reducing the flow of illegal immigrants, as long as no Sanki really tough on the perpetrators of human trafficking (Guido, Ibid., Hal.1088).Because all stems to the activities of the agents, who continually and intenserecruiting people from the country of origin. Basically all it also requires an intense cooperation among countries to prevent suchcrimes happening continuously.
The Conclusion:
“Illegal immigration and people smuggling is a very serious problem and a threat tothe international world.”

Illegal immigration and people smuggling occurs due to internal and external factors.Internal factors are derived from the country of origin, such as war or economic consequences, which then encourages immigrants to leave the area of ​​origin andseek a new livelihood in other areas. While external factors adalan originating fromthe country of destination, because of the guaranteed asylum and the hopes of getting a great paying job because developed countries have good economicstability.

It takes cooperation and a strong commitment among countries and relevant agencies in order to maximize the handling of people smuggling and reduce the numbers of illegal immigrants continues to increase.

It takes human resource development, allocation of funds / budget, and facilities andprasara in law enforcement efforts against the crime of human smuggling.
Need to be made International Law or a special policy that explicitly and clearlydiscuss people smuggling, including provisions governing such activities as a crime.

The Fuckin’ Night to STOP Hoping..

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The view of a red sunset tomorrow that holds a secret is the sign that the night will coming soon.

The Night where U’ll be present in My Dream.

The Night which full of the question “Can I meet U tomorrow …??”

A quiet Night without U by my side.

The Dark Night without moon and stars presence.

The Night which proves how much I miss U…

And it will only be a meaningless night if I never trying to get U…

I hate this fuckin’ Night.

I don’t believe anymore for what happens next.
I’m crashing here alone, cornered waiting for something that’s impossible to get.
The sun wouldn’t be able to illuminate the darkness of my heart.
I started to STOP hoping when the dark night has come.
until later when no one the slightest love for me.
Why is there suffering ??, if happiness is created
Why is there the black, when white is fun.

I gave up without a grudge.
I accepted my defeat with sincerity.
And I will give my victory to the winner of U’r hearts.

U taught me to be happy when I started to fall in love with U.
U taught me pain when U close the door of U’r heart for me.

U give me happy
U give me pain
*(Based from My Friend’s Story)


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LOVE is the most beautiful gift ever received by human & will always be alive in every human heart. LOVE isn’t a thing that is given away and then we can dispose of if we don’t like it.

LOVE is the source of strength. LOVE is when U should be honest to U’rself and to someone who U love. LOVE is when U hear, speak and appreciate the truth and never refused.

The feeling of LOVE starts from the eye, while a sense of LOVE starts from the ear. So if U want to stop loving someone, just by closing U’r ears. But if U try to close U’r eyes for someone who U love, the LOVE will turn into tears and continued to live in U’r heart for a long time.

“Don’t say goodbye when U still want to try. Don’t give up if U still feel that U can. Don’t say NO to LOVE if you can’t let it go”


  • Because LOVE isn’t ’bout how U forget, but how U forgive.
  • Not about how U listen, but how U understand.
  • Not about what U see, but what U feel.
  • Not about how U let go but how U survive.



But LOVE is also not about how to defend someone that U LOVE, while he/she was aware of having the wrong reason to LOVE you. So let him/her go and go away from him/her. Give him/her a chance to get in LOVE with a better reason.

Choose LOVE because of physical appearance or wealth will never make us happy coz it was just a hoax and that fuckin’ LOVE will dissapear eroded by time. If U choose the LOVE because of the charm of someone’s intelligence U’re just gonna feel regret because because behind his/her intelligence, there’s others who are more intelligent. LOVE arises without any apparent reason, because it’s just a deep feeling.

“Loving was easy, really easy to be loved as well. But to be loved by the people who we LOVE that are difficult to obtain”

It hurts to LOVE someone who doesn’t LOVE U, it will also be so painful when people who used to love U changing turning away from U, but what’s more painful is when U LOVE someone and never had the courage to declare U’r LOVE to him/her.

“In matters of LOVE, it’s hard to be a winner. But when love is SINCERELY, despite losing, U still a winner. Just because U’re happy to be able to LOVE someone more than U LOVE U’rself”

There comes a time where we have to stop loving someone not because we want to stop loving him/her, but because we realize that he/she would be happier if we let him/her go.

BUT, if U really love someone deeply, U should dare to take him/her off and let him/her to choose. If he/she chose to come back to U, then he/she will be yours. But if not, so he/she will never be yours forever.

The words of LOVE that was made just on the lips and not from the heart was able to crush the entire body and soul, but words of LOVE that was born from a sincere heart must be able to treat all the wounds in the hearts of all people who hear it.

LOVE is when U shed tears, but still cares for him/her. LOVE is when he/she don’t care about U, but U still faithfully waiting for him. LOVE is when U see him/her happy to LOVE someone else and U’re still able to smile, and then saying: “I’m so happy for U’r happiness”. If U LOVE someone, U’ll always pray for him/her even though he/she is not in U’r side.

“The only way we get the LOVE is not demanding that we loved, but start giving LOVE to others without expecting anything in return”.



LOVE sometimes doesn’t know how to be expressed in words or deeds. In fact, maybe U made a lot of mistakes in the way of revealing, ’till the people who loved is misunderstanding But don’t U feel regret for the blind when U fall in LOVE, coz U can fix it with sincerity on behalf of the greatness of God.


“Let us be the last LOVE for someone because maybe we’re too late to become his/her first LOVE, but we will never too late to be his/her last LOVE”




*(Need to know guys, still too difficult for me to realize all of that in real life) Hahaha 😀

Be Stupid Human

Posted: December 6, 2011 in About My Notes

During this time almost all people don’t want to be called stupid, fool, or dumb. Why? Because they assume that people are called stupid are people who are useless person, don’t have any ability, and didn’t know anything. And I think these assumptions are big mistakes.
Don’t be ashamed to feel stupid. Why? Because before become smart, we must be  stupid. And feel stupid will make someone getting a quality life. How can it be?

Stupid human beings are divided into three types:

  1. Stupid Human who is Dynamic and Active.
  2. Stupid Human who is Static and Passive.
  3. Stupid Human who is Disgusting.

The sense is as follows:

  1. Stupid Human who is Dynamic and Active:

    Stupid Human who feel that he always stupid and never felt more smart than others, but have a strong desire to always learn and find out new things which he had never known before. Stupid human who never surrendered to the condition. Stupid human who is not ashamed to ask others who are considered smart although he later regarded as a fool. Stupid human who is not afraid to face failure. Stupid human who dare to face the risks. Stupid human who had always assumed that the process is much more meaningful than the final result. Stupid human who always appreciate fellow human beings.

  2. Stupid Human who is Static and Passive:

    Stupid human who feel that is always stupid and never felt more intelligent than others, but lazy to learn and find out. Stupid Human who always surrender to the condition. Stupid Human who embarrassed to ask others because fear looks as a fool. Stupid Human who afraid to fail. Stupid Humans who afraid of a risk and tend to remain safe. Stupid human who think that the final result is everything. Stupid huma who lack respect for fellow human beings.

  3. Stupid Human who is Disgusting:

    Stupid Human who hypocrites that he is not stupid despite the fact that he was stupid and always feel smarter than others, but feel prestige that learn and find out. Stupid Human who always blaming circumstances. Stupid Human who feel prestige to ask someone else because he doesn’t want to be perceived as a fool. Stupid human who always looking for an excuse when a failure. Stupid human  who think that the risk is a joke. Stupid human who think the final result is an easy thing to obtain. Stupid human who never appreciate a fellow human being, insulting others to cover up his folly.

Of the three types of Stupid Humans, it can be concluded as follows:
“Don’t be ashamed to be called a fool, stay be a stupid human who is dynamic and active if U want to get a good quality of  U’r life”