The Fuckin’ Night to STOP Hoping..

Posted: December 23, 2011 in About LOVE

The view of a red sunset tomorrow that holds a secret is the sign that the night will coming soon.

The Night where U’ll be present in My Dream.

The Night which full of the question “Can I meet U tomorrow …??”

A quiet Night without U by my side.

The Dark Night without moon and stars presence.

The Night which proves how much I miss U…

And it will only be a meaningless night if I never trying to get U…

I hate this fuckin’ Night.

I don’t believe anymore for what happens next.
I’m crashing here alone, cornered waiting for something that’s impossible to get.
The sun wouldn’t be able to illuminate the darkness of my heart.
I started to STOP hoping when the dark night has come.
until later when no one the slightest love for me.
Why is there suffering ??, if happiness is created
Why is there the black, when white is fun.

I gave up without a grudge.
I accepted my defeat with sincerity.
And I will give my victory to the winner of U’r hearts.

U taught me to be happy when I started to fall in love with U.
U taught me pain when U close the door of U’r heart for me.

U give me happy
U give me pain
*(Based from My Friend’s Story)

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