Posted: December 26, 2011 in About Life


Watch U’r Thoughts, they become U’r Words.

and then…

Watch U’r Words, they become U’r Actions.

and then…

Watch U’r Actions, they become U’r Habits.

and then…

Watch U’r Habits, they become U’r Character.

and then…

Watch U’r Character, it becomes U’rDestiny”.

“The best years of U’r life are the ones in which U decide U’r problems are U’r own. U don’t blame them on anyone or anything. U realize that U control U’r own destiny”

U’re what U’r deep driving desire is.

What U’r Desire is, so is U’r Will,

What U’r Will is, so is U’r Deed,

What U’r Deed is, so is U’r Destiny.

“U would be what U’r destiny is”.


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