(Sometimes) The Best Way to Solve a Problem is “Just Look at It”

Posted: October 7, 2012 in Uncategorized

When faced with an incredibly difficult problem you might want to force yourself to solve it by trying a bunch of different solutions. I have another possible way to tackle the problem: “just look at it”.

The idea is that sometimes u need to force ur brain to really mull over an idea. I outline my four-step process for doing just that:

1. Jot down all the notes regarding ur problem/challenge & print it out.

2. Just look at the printed notes & let ur brain mull it over.

3. Keep at it. It’s ok if u start dozing. Just wake up & keep looking at the printed notes.

4. When inspiration comes, start taking notes. But keep going until u get the creative solution u need.

It might sound simple, but it’s good advice regardless. Simply staring at a problem isn’t always going to do the trick, but if u’re struggling to come up with a solution it’s something to consider


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