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My Notes

Posted: December 3, 2011 in About Hobby

My Note

“Thankful” between Desire and Reality

*Often the desire isn’t fulfilled or not fulfilled. That there’s a reality, that doesn’t comply with the wishes. Then we become upset, sad, and frustrated. Wrong because we have the desire? Should not U? His name is also human, certainly has a lot of desire.

Or … actually had a (very) many of our desires are fulfilled. It’s just that we are less grateful. The desire that’s not or has not fulfilled it can be very much less, but that’s in sight. Then we are miserable because of it. Though much has been fulfilled more so should we be more happy and cheerful. And even we should be able to share what we already have on those who are not able to have what we already have. Isn’t it?

But … but … but … if we just give in to circumstances & not trying (to achieve that desire)? Should we be silent? Don’t we have to keep trying? Seemed still to do business. Once U?

So, let us give thanks, and keep trying….( if U still feel like a human…hehehe)

QUESTIONS about “Signs of Love”

1. Is U’r palm sweating, heart pounding & not know what to say?
That’s not love, it’s LIKE.
2. Whether U can’t take his eyes from her?
That’s not love, it’s LUST.
3. Do U want because U know she was there?
That’s not love, it’s LONELINESS.
4. Do U love her because that’s what everyone wants?
That’s not love, it’s LOYALTY.
5. Do U still say U love her cause U don’t want to hurt her?
That’s not love, it COMPASSION.
6. Do U feel like hers since her eyes make U’r heart happy?
That’s not love, it’s CRAZY.
7. Do U forgive her mistakes that U feel U need him?
That’s not love, it’s FRIENDSHIP.
8. Did U tell her every day if only she were U thinking?
That’s not love, it LIES.
9. Are U willing to give all of U who liked to interest herself?
That’s not love, it’s MERCY.

* BUT:
1. Do U still persist because of a mixture of pain and joy are blind and can’t understood … trying to pull U over to him and stay with her?
2. Do U accept her mistake because it’s part of her and who she is?
3. Are U interested in other people but faithful to her without regret?
4. Are U crying because of her suffering at that time although she was strong?
5. Is U’r heart broken when she was sick and sad?
6. Does U’r heart happy when she happy?
7. Do her eyes look at U heart and touch U’r soul so deeply that piercing?
8. Do U feel sincere and let her go when U knew that she was happy being with someone else?

But even if U’re able to distinguish which one which one NOT LOVE and REAL LOVE, please continue to use U’r LOGIC to accompany the LOVE. Because then U can avoid all the silly RISK could undermine the meaning of LOVE itself. Prove that the term LOVE IS BLIND is wrong.
“This is all really HARD to do but that doesn’t mean IMPOSSIBLE

Stay away from “Regret”!!!

* Whatever U’ve done in this life will become unimportant things, even useless useless .*

 “But the important thing is U’ve done it all”.

* How can a thing that has been said as a matter of Futile could be Important ….??*

 “Because there will be no other person besides U’rself who would be prepared and willing to do it”

It was all like when there is someone who enters U’r life, U realize that without half of U’rselves(logic) says “U’re Not Ready”, but the other half of U’rselves (heart / feeling) that says“Make Her be Yours Forever. “

That’s when you should decide to follow the words “Heart or Logic “…??

 Or U can combine both to get the best results …

 The decision is in U’r own self.

 “But whatever U’r decision, do U ever regret. Because it can ruin U’r life in the future. “

* so from now, don’t ever be ashamed to say “I Love U, I Miss U, I Apologize, I Forgive U, and U’r Important Words that really want to say to someone”.

* Don’t let it too late which will cause a sense of “Regret”.

Including those where “you “…..??

Previously this all just a few of the ideas of me” …
So just as an overview assessment of the type of “personality” someone …
And hopefully can help U in assessing the type of “personality” oneself or another person.

I think the kind of “personality” a normal human being there are eight, namely:
1. Extrovert
2. Introvert
3. Logic User
4. Intuition User
5. Thinker
6. Taster
7. Claimant
8. Abandonment

and from “8 Personality” is already I choose to “4 Comparison” namely:
1. Extroverts vs Introverts
2. Intuition User vs Logic User
3. Thinkers vs Taster
4. Prosecutor vs Perceiving

From “4 Comparison” I conclude that some assumptions about the characteristics of each “personality” that is:

1. Extroverts vs Introverts

A person can be extroverts or introverts, depending on the direction of their activity.Extrovert is someone who thinks about things in an objective and broad, whereas Introverts more thought to the subjective or himself. Characteristics are:


  • Interested in what’s going on around them
  • Open and often talkative
  • Compare their opinions with the opinions of others
  • Such actions and initiatives
  • Easy to make new friends or adapt to a new group
  • Say what they think
  • Interested in new people
  • Easy to refuse friendship with people who do not want


  • Interested in their own thoughts and feelings
  • Require their own territory
  • Appear reserved, quiet and thoughtful
  • Usually don’t have many friends
  • It’s hard to make new connections
  • Like concentration and quiet
  • Premises don’t like unexpected visits and don’t like visiting other people
  • Works well alone

2. Intuition vs Logic

Sensing is an ability to retrieve information based on physical quality and its effect on other information. Intuition is the ability to retrieve information based on the existence of hidden potential and possibilities in life. Characteristics are:

Logic User:

  • See everyone and sense everything
  • Feeling just live here and today
  • Quickly adapt to any situation
  • Pleased with the physical sensations
  • Pleased with the practical issues and active
  • Realistic and confident

Intuition User:

  • Leads to the past or future
  • Worried about the future more than the current
  • Interested in everything new and unusual
  • Not like routine
  • More attractive in theory than practice
  • Often in doubt

3. Thinkers vs Taster

Thinking is the ability to search for information based on problems encountered and the reply function. Feeling is an ability to find information based on sensory factors, such as what to see, and what is heard. Characteristics are:


  • Interested in systems, structures, and patterns
  • Expose everything to logical analysis
  • Relatively cold and unemotional
  • Evaluate things by intellect and right or wrong
  • Have difficulty expressing feelings
  • Do not like arguments or quarrels


  • Interested in people and their feelings
  • Easy to express his mood to others
  • Pay great attention to the great love and passion
  • Evaluate things by ethics and good or bad
  • Can be touchy or use emotional manipulation
  • Friendly and often give praise to people who are fun

4. Prosecutor vs. Perceiving

A prosecutor motivated into activity by their decisions resulting from the change in the situation experienced.
While Perceiving motivated into activity by the change of a situation.
Characteristics are:


  • Do not like to leave a question without an answer
  • Work hard and always finish with a good
  • Do not like to change what is already a decision
  • Relatively stable in the works
  • Follow the rules and discipline


  • Act impulsively following the situation
  • Can start many things at once, but without resolution
  • Prefer inner satisfaction than fulfilling obligations
  • Always wanted to know and like new things
  • Work productivity depends on the mood
  • Often act without preparation

That’s all I can conclude, perhaps not the details but that’s the core of the idea of ​​a “Si Tengil” about the kind of “personality” of man.
So if there are mistakes please understandable … and if there are differences of opinion can be discussed.

Now from the “8 Personality” above “Which Includes “….?? Or U may have a” combination of personality “.
It is possible, because every man is created “Different”.

* “The combination of personality” has a different significance and meaning of the word “Dual Personality”

NB: This is all just to share without any element of patronizing, because I’m not a genius man. Hehehe.



Posted: October 31, 2011 in About Hobby


I LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY, but I’d rather be photographed from the shooting. Maybe because I am a narcissistic man. Hahahaha: D

I’m starting to like being photographed since childhood. Maybe because I ‘m basically from childhood was like pose in front of the mirror and finally I like to pose in front of the camera. Although I admit when I’m not a boy who has a nice body and handsome face, but somehow I believe myself to be photographed in all poses, maybe because I’ve contracted the virus narcissistic since childhood.

Especially with today’s more advanced technology in the presence of various types of photographic camera then all activities will be increasingly easy to do anywhere and anytime, from the kind of camera phones to sophisticated SLR camera type. Now photography is more than just a hobby, a lot of good photography community that makes professional & amateur photography as a land to gain some rupiah. Photography has become a trend of young people, for some teenagers (including me), when not be narcissist is not cool. Hahahaha: D Even now it feels incomplete married without pre-wedding photographs. (so I want to get married) Hehe:)

Luckily for me, although I don’t have a SLR type camera (because I just a pocket camera) but some of my friends has a camera of that type. So I can be photographed without having to pay. So it could still exist and narcissistic for free. Hahahaha: D Sometimes they also asked me to become a model shoot them, so as symbiotic mutual benefit from each other. Not bad, became an amateur model. Hahaha: D

And here’s some results of my photo shoot, please understandable if the results are disturbing Ur vision. Hahaha: D

Tengil is ready to Having Sex



Tengil as a Shop Keeper


Tengil wanna be Son of a Mermaid


Tengil being Frustated


Fuckin' Business Man


Idiot Boy







I LoVe B1rDs

Posted: October 25, 2011 in About Hobby

Birdsare very interesting animals. There are different types of birds that exist in this world. Although the bird is basically known as an animal that can fly, but some are not able to fly. Animals that fall into the category of poultry this much is nurtured and cultivated for various purposes.Why birds?
Perhaps you ask why keep birds, other animals, but still a lot more interesting?There are many reasons for someone to maintain the bird. one of them is the ease of a bird to be maintained. You just need a cage to put the bird and places to eat drink. Sure necessary diligence in caring for birds, ranging from cleaning cages, providing food, drinking water and replace. but many things that can be enjoyed from a bird preserve. Besides being easily maintained, the bird also has its own uniqueness. Beauty of birds primarily to the various colors that spread across the body and wings make this animal has the beauty and uniqueness of each. You just choose the type of bird that captivate your heart.In addition to a beautiful view, there are also several species of birds whose voice is very melodious. These birds often included in the various competitions birdsong.There are certain birds which have a distinctive chirp. Among them there are parrots and older brother who is able to copy the human voice. The types of birds are often kept people is type that has the look attractive as Cacatuidae (old brother) and Gracula (Beo). And also the type of bird that has a melodious chirping like the Oriental Magpie Robin (Kacer), Lanius Minor (Cendet), Zoothera Citrina (Anis Red), Canary (Canary), etc.

Hobbies maintain the much-loved birds from a young age to old age. but sometimes the hobby can cost quite a bit. So consider the capital with bird species will be maintained and do not forget the diligence which is indispensable in living this hobby. This is a photo of my pet birds :

Kacer (Female)

My Canary (Kenari)

It called "Jalak Kebo"

It called "Murai from Papua"

It called "Cendet"kacer (Male)

It called "Branjangan"

Fix U’r problem with Fixie

Posted: October 22, 2011 in About Hobby

“Do U ever cycling? Do U have a bicycle?”

Do U know why I ask about bicycle? Cause cycling is a good sport for healthy. If U never do it, so lets try to do it for U’r healthy. “Do U ever heard about fixie?”. Yeah, Fixie is one type of bicycle. And now, fixie  has become a trend for today’s youth, including teenagers in My Home Town “Surabaya”.

“Fixie a.k.a a fixed-gear bicycle is a bicycle that has no freewheel, meaning it can’t coast, as the pedals are always in motion when the bicycle is moving”.

Since Fixie too popular used almost every teenager, until finally emerged a variety of community clubs fixie users. They have a fixed schedule for cycling around the city together even up to each route between cities. Because of frequent moments of time together to ride together can be a moment to foster a sense of kinship between members of  the community club fixie. And finally there arises a term that is “Fix U’r Problem With Fixie”

This My Community Club Fixie: "Fixie 01"