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The Fuckin’ Night to STOP Hoping..

Posted: December 23, 2011 in About LOVE

The view of a red sunset tomorrow that holds a secret is the sign that the night will coming soon.

The Night where U’ll be present in My Dream.

The Night which full of the question “Can I meet U tomorrow …??”

A quiet Night without U by my side.

The Dark Night without moon and stars presence.

The Night which proves how much I miss U…

And it will only be a meaningless night if I never trying to get U…

I hate this fuckin’ Night.

I don’t believe anymore for what happens next.
I’m crashing here alone, cornered waiting for something that’s impossible to get.
The sun wouldn’t be able to illuminate the darkness of my heart.
I started to STOP hoping when the dark night has come.
until later when no one the slightest love for me.
Why is there suffering ??, if happiness is created
Why is there the black, when white is fun.

I gave up without a grudge.
I accepted my defeat with sincerity.
And I will give my victory to the winner of U’r hearts.

U taught me to be happy when I started to fall in love with U.
U taught me pain when U close the door of U’r heart for me.

U give me happy
U give me pain
*(Based from My Friend’s Story)


Posted: December 8, 2011 in About LOVE



LOVE is the most beautiful gift ever received by human & will always be alive in every human heart. LOVE isn’t a thing that is given away and then we can dispose of if we don’t like it.

LOVE is the source of strength. LOVE is when U should be honest to U’rself and to someone who U love. LOVE is when U hear, speak and appreciate the truth and never refused.

The feeling of LOVE starts from the eye, while a sense of LOVE starts from the ear. So if U want to stop loving someone, just by closing U’r ears. But if U try to close U’r eyes for someone who U love, the LOVE will turn into tears and continued to live in U’r heart for a long time.

“Don’t say goodbye when U still want to try. Don’t give up if U still feel that U can. Don’t say NO to LOVE if you can’t let it go”


  • Because LOVE isn’t ’bout how U forget, but how U forgive.
  • Not about how U listen, but how U understand.
  • Not about what U see, but what U feel.
  • Not about how U let go but how U survive.



But LOVE is also not about how to defend someone that U LOVE, while he/she was aware of having the wrong reason to LOVE you. So let him/her go and go away from him/her. Give him/her a chance to get in LOVE with a better reason.

Choose LOVE because of physical appearance or wealth will never make us happy coz it was just a hoax and that fuckin’ LOVE will dissapear eroded by time. If U choose the LOVE because of the charm of someone’s intelligence U’re just gonna feel regret because because behind his/her intelligence, there’s others who are more intelligent. LOVE arises without any apparent reason, because it’s just a deep feeling.

“Loving was easy, really easy to be loved as well. But to be loved by the people who we LOVE that are difficult to obtain”

It hurts to LOVE someone who doesn’t LOVE U, it will also be so painful when people who used to love U changing turning away from U, but what’s more painful is when U LOVE someone and never had the courage to declare U’r LOVE to him/her.

“In matters of LOVE, it’s hard to be a winner. But when love is SINCERELY, despite losing, U still a winner. Just because U’re happy to be able to LOVE someone more than U LOVE U’rself”

There comes a time where we have to stop loving someone not because we want to stop loving him/her, but because we realize that he/she would be happier if we let him/her go.

BUT, if U really love someone deeply, U should dare to take him/her off and let him/her to choose. If he/she chose to come back to U, then he/she will be yours. But if not, so he/she will never be yours forever.

The words of LOVE that was made just on the lips and not from the heart was able to crush the entire body and soul, but words of LOVE that was born from a sincere heart must be able to treat all the wounds in the hearts of all people who hear it.

LOVE is when U shed tears, but still cares for him/her. LOVE is when he/she don’t care about U, but U still faithfully waiting for him. LOVE is when U see him/her happy to LOVE someone else and U’re still able to smile, and then saying: “I’m so happy for U’r happiness”. If U LOVE someone, U’ll always pray for him/her even though he/she is not in U’r side.

“The only way we get the LOVE is not demanding that we loved, but start giving LOVE to others without expecting anything in return”.



LOVE sometimes doesn’t know how to be expressed in words or deeds. In fact, maybe U made a lot of mistakes in the way of revealing, ’till the people who loved is misunderstanding But don’t U feel regret for the blind when U fall in LOVE, coz U can fix it with sincerity on behalf of the greatness of God.


“Let us be the last LOVE for someone because maybe we’re too late to become his/her first LOVE, but we will never too late to be his/her last LOVE”




*(Need to know guys, still too difficult for me to realize all of that in real life) Hahaha 😀