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Posted: November 2, 2011 in About Me

I Love Coffee and Cigarettes

Coffee and Cigarettes is two different thing, but I think they complement each other. Why? For to me to drink coffee without smoking it feels like something is missing,  and vice versa smoking without the company of a cup of coffee taste less complete. I started to like to drink coffee since junior high school, but I started smoking since senior high school.  And now a day without smoking and drinking coffee taste bland, and in the end of each day I always drink coffee for at least one cup a day and also smoked at least 8 a pack of cigarettes .Maybe many people think that it’s not good for my health, it may indeed be true. But I think otherwise, Coffee and Cigarettes is like a primary need in my life. A day without coffee and sometimes I feel little bit dizzy in my head. Likewise, no smoking for one day I felt restless. Perhaps this situation can be regarded as “addicted”. But that addiction is at least enough sense to have a positive effect on me. How can it be? Because I’ve read some article when the content of caffeine in coffee and nicotine in cigarettes can reduce stress levels in the body, and it’s proven. When I’m bored and have a problem, Coffee and Cigarettes are two things that are appropriate to help think finding a solution. Coffee and Cigarettes make me able to think calmly. Even when I’m busy working on thesis, coffee and cigarettes is a loyal friend who always accompany me in an attempt to resolve my thesis, until now I had already graduated from college with a good score. Haha 😀 At the time I was talk with someone be it a friend or a girl, I try to always be accompanied by Coffee and Cigarettes. Because Coffee and Cigarettes could make me feel comfortable to talk anywhere and anytime. (I’m sure that many people agree with me). Haha: D So I at least don’t like when seeing someone who doesn’t like the smell of cigarette smoke and the flavor of coffee. For me better than to be alone than with them, this might leave the impression that I’m selfish. But that’s me. Hehehe:) I have two favorite kinds of coffee, that are: 

Black Coffee



And also there are 2 brands of cigarettes that became my favorite:

Marlboro Red


Gudang Garam Surya

And now Coffee and Cigarettes have become the lifestyle of Surabaya city, both young and old people. Now is also a growing number of coffee shops spread across the city, ranging from the lower classes such as “Warkop” til’ high classes such as Starbucks Coffee, Coffee Bean, and Excelso.

But the main dish remains the same is “coffee”, maybe just a place, support facilities, means of presentation, types of menus, and consumers are different. Similarly cigarette, almost all people in Surabaya is a smoker, but the majority still dominated by men, though now many of the encountered women who also smoking. There’s even a term among teenage boys is, “The man who doesn’t smoke is not a real man”. It all proves that the Coffee and Cigarettes have become a necessity of life. Haha: D I also have an idol for me is the one most suited to become The Icon of Coffee and Cigarettes in Indonesia, he is “Mbah Surip”. Hahaha: D

Mbah Surip was drinking a glass of black coffee

Mbah Surip was smoking

Even a director like Jim Jarmusch was making a movie called “Coffee and Cigarettes”

Coffee and Cigarettes The Movie

So the conclusion is, Dimaz a.k.a Si Tengil is a smoker who loves coffee.

“Loving Coffee and Cigarettes is more better than Loving someone who never returned our Love”

Hahahahaha: D


What is (fuckin’) LOVE ??

Posted: October 31, 2011 in About Me

What is LOVE?


LOVE ….? What is LOVE …?? Even now I still don’t understand the true meaning of a word “LOVE”.

Many people say that LOVE is beautiful. LOVE is universal. LOVE was the most beautiful gift from god given to humans. And much sense of the word LOVE I’ve ever heard. But of all the meaning of the word LOVE, never one that I feel, except the LOVE of God to his servants and Parents LOVE to her son. But there’s one meaning of LOVE that I’m really still questioned in my heart, TRUE LOVE is a feeling which is closely intertwined as the two lovehumans between men and women who love each other, mutual need, mutual complement, mutual acceptance, sincere without any remuneration between one each other. Why? Because I feel that it is very difficult for me to get it, never even imagined in my mind I’ll be able to feel it in my life.

Sometimes I wonder that LOVE isn’t real. Although actually in my little heart I really want to get the TRUE LOVE. Probably still not the time for me to feel a beautiful TRUE LOVE, because I was young & still want an adventure, have fun enjoying my youth.Thinking of LOVE is a waste of time with useless, because I believe TRUE LOVE will come to me when I was really ready to receive it with full responsibility. And I feel now I’m still a naughty boy who did not deserve to think about LOVE, and I’m still not ready to feel the pain of pain because of LOVE.

So, for now I can say FUCK with LOVE, FUCK with all that concerned with the word LOVE. I can still laugh out loud when I saw people crying because their stupidity in feeling LOVE. Better to have fun enjoying the pleasures of youth with friends than to think of LOVE. I also have to focus on trying to get a job immediately after my future. So many things are more important than LOVE. And now the conclusion is don’t U try so hard to achieve LOVE, but try to make LOVE to have U. Hahahahaha: D


This Is Me

Posted: October 22, 2011 in About Me

This is ME

“the stupid mischievous boy who is still trying to become a useful man”

Idiot Boy

This is me Dimaz Pradana Putra a.k.a “Si Tengil”. I was born in Surabaya, Indonesia on 6th of April 1989. People know me as the fuckin’ mischievous boy who loves play football (but I’m not a professional player) and often say “JANCOK”. Haha !! What not much people know is that I’m a ARIES, a good lover and charisma ARIES. Haha !! I see that side of myself is a troble maker. Why? Cause I’m not a good man.

he reason I create this blog is to make a place for me to express the real me. I’m 22 years old, but my life experience makes me think that I just nothing. Huhu ! If U know me in personally U’ll say “JANCOK”. Why? Cause I’m so SUCK.

I think it’s enough for introducing myself. If U want to know more about me, U can call to my phone and make an appointment to meet me. Haha !!