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Be Stupid Human

Posted: December 6, 2011 in About My Notes

During this time almost all people don’t want to be called stupid, fool, or dumb. Why? Because they assume that people are called stupid are people who are useless person, don’t have any ability, and didn’t know anything. And I think these assumptions are big mistakes.
Don’t be ashamed to feel stupid. Why? Because before become smart, we must be  stupid. And feel stupid will make someone getting a quality life. How can it be?

Stupid human beings are divided into three types:

  1. Stupid Human who is Dynamic and Active.
  2. Stupid Human who is Static and Passive.
  3. Stupid Human who is Disgusting.

The sense is as follows:

  1. Stupid Human who is Dynamic and Active:

    Stupid Human who feel that he always stupid and never felt more smart than others, but have a strong desire to always learn and find out new things which he had never known before. Stupid human who never surrendered to the condition. Stupid human who is not ashamed to ask others who are considered smart although he later regarded as a fool. Stupid human who is not afraid to face failure. Stupid human who dare to face the risks. Stupid human who had always assumed that the process is much more meaningful than the final result. Stupid human who always appreciate fellow human beings.

  2. Stupid Human who is Static and Passive:

    Stupid human who feel that is always stupid and never felt more intelligent than others, but lazy to learn and find out. Stupid Human who always surrender to the condition. Stupid Human who embarrassed to ask others because fear looks as a fool. Stupid Human who afraid to fail. Stupid Humans who afraid of a risk and tend to remain safe. Stupid human who think that the final result is everything. Stupid huma who lack respect for fellow human beings.

  3. Stupid Human who is Disgusting:

    Stupid Human who hypocrites that he is not stupid despite the fact that he was stupid and always feel smarter than others, but feel prestige that learn and find out. Stupid Human who always blaming circumstances. Stupid Human who feel prestige to ask someone else because he doesn’t want to be perceived as a fool. Stupid human who always looking for an excuse when a failure. Stupid human  who think that the risk is a joke. Stupid human who think the final result is an easy thing to obtain. Stupid human who never appreciate a fellow human being, insulting others to cover up his folly.

Of the three types of Stupid Humans, it can be concluded as follows:
“Don’t be ashamed to be called a fool, stay be a stupid human who is dynamic and active if U want to get a good quality of  U’r life”