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Friend is so Important

Posted: October 22, 2011 in About Relationship


Friend is so Important

What’s the meaning of friends? “Friends” is some people who know us and we know them. There’s so many kind of Friend. For me just three kind of friend. Out side friend, Best friend, and Lovely friend. But Friend is so Universal, U can have a friend from the same country, other country, or maybe different religious. Sometimes we must be really selective to choose someone to be our best friend. Why? Cause best friend is someone who will be the place to share something, maybe our deep secret. So, we must believe them, but they must keep our secret safe. I think Best friend is like a symbiosis mutualism, completely each other.

For me,  friends is so important for my life. Why? Cause I can’t live without them. They are everything  for me. (a simple reason but has thousand mean).


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